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Rosehip Oil

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Product Features

The antioxidants rich By Natures’ 100% pure Rosehip oil combat free radicals that cause sun damage. The vitamin A, combined with the oil’s essential fatty acids, can help improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. It is well absorbed by our scalp skin, helping to keep it moisturised and soft. It also aids in repair and renewal of damaged hair follicles and scalp tissue to promote healthy hair growth.

• Anti-acne, fade wrinkles and pigmentation marks

• Repair damaged hair and promote healthy hair growth


Rosa Mosqueta (Rose) Hip Oil.


How to Use

For softening skin to leave silky feeling, apply to the desired skin areas. Moisturizing your hair and conditioning your scalp, apply Rosehip oil to each strand of your hairs and gently massage from the root down the scalp. 

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